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brings together the best native Arabic speaking instructors with eager Arabic learners to provide a learning experience unlike any other on the Internet. Our system is student centered, which means that our goal is to make sure you learn and benefit from our courses. Learn more about .

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Elarabia online  is an online Arabic and quran program.

Elarabia online is committed to giving you the best Arabic learning experience ever!
For this reason courses are open-ended, which allows you to cancel at any time in your studies. You decide when you are comfortable enough to move on. Our instructors are graduates from the most prestigious institutions in Egypt including Al-Azhar University and Dar-al Uloom in Cairo. Our Arabic and Quran teachers are of the highest calibre, many holding ijazahs to teach the Quran Our instructors are required to have a working knowledge of the English language and computer usage.
Instructors are also required to have experience teaching non-Arabs the Arabic language. Our teachers are carefully hand picked, native Arab professionals as we aspire to deliver the divine language in its pure form. Cairo is the city of a thousand mosques and also the city of the Arabic learning centers. Elarabia online brings this experience to you directly to your home!

The Arabic language is the language of the Quran. It was the language of our beloved Messenger Muhammed. 

Will Arabic be your language?

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Maruella, Qatar

I like the lessons you can learn many subjects such as Egyptian or Classical Arabic.

Zainab, United kingdom

I am really pleased with this Arabic institute as I have been given a platform to increase my confidence in speaking the Arabic language. I was always taught that without immersing yourself and actually speaking the language you will struggle to fully grasp it and that was my downfall until I found an excellent teacher to practice my speaking and solidify all the grammatical rules. Alhamdulillah I am very grateful for having this opportunity and I look forward to learning more with them .

Umm noor, United State

El-Arabia is a wonderful company. It was easy to start up a class for my six year old with them after making a payment with Western Union- we had our choice of time slots and chose a convenient one in the mornings, despite the time difference. We have a wonderful teacher, Sister Marwa. She is very accommodating with us. Sometimes we need need to move our class by a few minutes. She is reliable and always on time. She is also very patient with my daughter and has taught her very steadily for the past few months. I am pleased with her progress. I recommend El-Arabia to anyone seeking to learn online.

Rafia , United Emirates

I have been studying online classes from this institute from a long period of time now. Amina Samy has been my teacher from beginning and she has been very friendly and extremely nice and didn't make me feel like i am new. She is very punctual. She gives me full time class for one hour and i can ask her as many question as i want and she would explain it over and over again if I don't understand them, and she would give me examples for them to make sure i understand it, and she is a very honest teacher.